D&L Chassis are stainless steel chassis that can be built in 15
minutes and will be the most consistent chassis you own ! 

 D&L Chassis are a slit and tab design that go together very easily.

With any of our one piece chassis kits you simply spot solder first, make sure the chassis is perfectly flat and vertical, then solder completely and you have a straight and strong chassis.

​​They are made from STAINLESS STEEL, so they won't interrupt the magnets in the motors.
Out of thousands of chassis sold to very happy customers, we have received personal emails and phone calls from all types of racers, first timers and veterans alike that have been amazed at the performance of  our chassis the very first time they put them on the track.

We have had endless testimonies from  racers that have come in first and second place-they say  due to the "consistency","smoothness" and "durability" of our chassis. 

The design is meant to be durable.

By design, the motor box and wheelie bars are hard to tweek or bend.

So if they crash, flip, or fall on the floor,  the only thing you might have to do is reset the wheelie wheels by simply bending them back to the track, and be right back in the race.

All of our chassis come with the wheelie bars as part of the chassis design.

 The wheelie wheels are adjusted by bending the tip of the wheelie bars to the track,  this makes setting up the wheelie bars a breeze, and by perfect design and tensil strength of the steel the wheelie wheels stay adjusted and consistent, GUARANTEED.
Our one piece chassis' the "L-1", L-2 and "L-3" will fit any 1/24 or 1/25 scale body .
     The front axle and guide flag mounts are adjustabl
e to allow these chassis to fit a wheel base of 3-1/2" to 5-1/2".
The "L-1" chassis has 5" wheelie bars.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 The "L-2" chassis has 2-1/2" wheelie bars.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

The "L-2" chassis proved that you don't need 5" wheelie bars to bracket race,  and  YES it does work great with group 20 and and other motors more powerful than S16's -- and gives your car a more realistic look.
Other special features of our chassis are ;

* 1/4" pinion holes on all motor mounts that allows a 16 tooth pinion gear to fit through easily.

* All of our chassis run from 1-3/16" to 1-5/16" tires.

* Our 5" wheelie bars are lowered so you don't have to cut into your back bumper.
The "KJ-1" Top Fuel chassis

Our "KJ-1" Top Fuel chassis is bringing back the excitement of having a Top Fuel dragster in your collection.

Because of its good looks, easy to build design, and its awesome performance,  this chassis has actually sparked enough interest in racers that it has started Top Fuel races in a few track establishments.

You can build this chassis in 15 minutes and it has the same history of running perfect the very first pass just like all of the other D&L chassis, and you don't have to add weight !

We have had many emails and phone calls about this chassis winning races and blowing minds by its performance. ( see our testimonies page )

It fits 1/24 -1/25 scale lexan or hard body Top Fuel bodies with a perfect fit to both.

Exact measurements were taken to make sure that you can put a model motor behind the hard bodies , and still look great with a shorter lexan body with the motor as part of the mold.

1/4" pinion hole ( just like the other D&L kits )

Can run tall or short tires ( just like the other D&L kits )

Has a wheel base range of 9-1/2" to 11"

It is also a sturdy design, hard to tweek or bend.

We have had many people say that a stiff Top Fuel chassis won't work, but we talked to every expert we could find on Top Fuel slot cars and other Top Fuel chassis, and we were told that Top Fuel racers are just used to having to deal with flexible Top Fuel chassis, but always ended up having to make the chassis rigid to make it run right, which usually consisted of adding weights, running softer or harder tires, and adding braces to stop the flexing, lots of extra work with little response.

So we made our chassis rigid and they work perfectly, and without adding weight.

 Every person that has purchased our KJ-1  has been very happy with it, as soon as they got one in their hands and  made their first pass on the track- they were instantly D&L Chassis fans.

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My name is Denny, I am the designer and owner of D&L Chassis.
 I designed my first chassis 6 years ago - the L-1. That chassis evolved over the years and now I have added more chassis to D&L within this past year.

My goal was to design all of my chassis to be easy to build and perform as perfect as possible. 
If you go to my " Testimonials" page you will see what everyone is saying about the chassis, they are VERY consistent.

I do have more designs coming soon.

Thank You for your interest in my chassis


2-1/2" wheelie bars



4-5/8" wheelie bars
If you are not completely satisfied with our products we will give you a full refund with shipping.