​​I  entered the caddy in the race Friday night just so they could see it go down the track it made a pretty good showing it went straight and smooth,  I had it dialed back with my stealth controller in the 1.200 door slammer class, and put it in the bracket race that started Saturday and ended Sunday.
It made it all the way to eighth place out of 260 cars running a smooth 1.130 to 1.136 very consistent car.
several people ask to see it and I told them where they could get one. I also had the instructions from the chassis kit displayed on my box for them 2 see. I hope it helped to get the word out for you, its a very nice product.
These are real testimonies we received by email from D&L Chassis customers. We have full permission from the senders to put them on this page.

Anyone who wants to add a testimony can email me anytime​​ at dandlchassis@gmail.com and let me know if you want your -first name - full name - Nick name or no name on that testimony.

Hi Denny,
I just got the KJ-1 yesterday, brought it to my track today, built it in about 20 min.,put my new big block in it, THE VERY FIRST RUN was beautiful !- and with no weights like you said!,  I ran it 5 more times without the body  with no problems, I put the body on and it ran a super consistent 1018-1020 every run, I'm sure I will get more speed out of it playing with the gears. I can't wait to race it tonight !!
Thanks  again
Johnny K.
Hello Denny and family,
I just wanted you to know that after I got the L-1 in my hand I was a little sceptic of how the wheelie wheels are to be bent down to the track, I didn't think that they would take the torque of my 20 motor, and with the weight of a hard body, I didn't think it would stay consistent..
I was wrong, I finished 2nd in our bracket race against 42 racers. It was most consistent Drag car in the bunch, and the wheelie wheels stayed exactly perfect all night.
 That was the first time that I have had a 2nd place win- and it felt GREAT.
So I wanted to thank you for talking to me last week, and selling me on your chassis. I will be buying more from you soon.

Nobody has ever seen your chassis here , I have had many offers for my car already, but I just sent them to your website.

Thanks again.
Hi Denny,
​I just wanted to let you know that you have the most awesome chassis on the Planet !, I have been trying to call you this eve., I
have about 32 cars and I want to switch out all but 4 with your L-1, L-2 and KR-1 chassis.
The two chassis I bought from you last week are the smoothest most consistent I own, and the wheelie bars look awesome, I really like how the wheelie bars are set up so you don't have to cut into the back half of your car,
now I will have to get some new bodies too.

Please call me tonight so we can talk about a price on about 25 chassis.
I won 2nd place with the Camaro, 3rd with the Chevy trk, both with your chassis under them. I almost didn't switch to your chassis on the Camaro but Im glad I did.  Hey These guys have never seen you chassis before and the track owner wants to talk to you, can I give him your phone number that I called you on Wednesday ?

Jet Man
Hey Denny,
Well tonight makes the 3rd night in a row that I won The bracket race with the Pontiac, the guys can't figure out how I am doing it, every guy in the place has picked up this car checking out my motor,gears, tires and your chassis.
its running 1.032 to 1.036  - EVERY PASS ! -  I know its the chassis making it run so consistent  but I'm keeping that secret to myself as long as I can,  everyone wants one of your chassis already .
You should be getting at least 10 purchases from guys up here wanting to buy chassis from you.

Thanks again for the deal on the Pontiac

I have been racing for over 8 years, I build my own cars and I wanted to say that your drag chassis, the L-1, is the smoothest chassis I own.
It was easy to build and ran perfect the first run, I am very impressed by being able to bend the wheelie wheels to the track-and they did stay set.
 it was nice to not have to solder them and then test the car, and then have to unsolder them and set the wheelie wheels again and  again. I took your chassis to the track set the wheelie wheels with a pair of plyers to the track and the car ran perfect all night.
Your chassis runs so smooth that I could hardly see a spark coming out from under it as it goes down the track.
I haven't had to add any weight to this chassis either, but I am running a hard plastic body instead of lexan.
I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with your chassis and I plan to buy more of them.

Thank You
Daniel  G

My name is Eric, Kim told me about your chassis and sold me one of his L-1's, he said that you would like to hear some feedback on what people think,  so I am sending you this Email.

I heard your chassis were good, but I had no idea that they would be REALLY GOOD !, 
I put this one together in about 20 minutes.
 Then put in my motor,  mounted my body etc. in about 35 minutes, so less than an hour after  buying the chassis I had a complete car  and then I set the wheelies to the track and gave it a test run.
The car ran perfect,  no hopping,  no twisting,  no chatter,  -smooth and fast,  it ran a 984 and kept running a 983 - 986 every pass. 
I have never built a car that I didn't have to jack with for a few hours first before getting it to run right. 
Awesome job on designing these chassis, I will be ordering more of them.

I expect to see many more of your chassis next to me at the starting line soon.

Eric L.
( Hooper)

The two chassis I bought are working great, I hit second place tonight with the Camaro that has the KR-1 under it.

Everyone was real impressed with the looks of your chassis, can't wait to try the KJ-1 Top Fuel chassis.

To Denny,
    Well I got your chassis in the mail this past week and it was great. It took me about 3 minutes to get it cut out and another 10 minutes to sand and assemble it. Then I put my proslot can and my koford arm together in it. Now mind you it had been in 3 other chassis before yours with no luck. they kept popping out of the slot or bending wheelie bars out of shape and was flexing way to much.

 This is not my first slot car and have many of them. Well i must say I set my wheelie bars up the first time and that was at 1o'clock Saturday afternoon. I left the track at almost 8:30 on Saturday night. Now i was setting up the car with different gear set ups and trying different length axles along with hollow ones as well.. From the first time that car hit the slot till the last pass it ran straight and true the whole time. Just like you advertised !

 Wow is all i can say with it and I did not have to add any weight to it! Please just get my next 6 chassis out to me asap. After my next 6 builds i plan on changing the rest of  my chassis out with the KR-1 series that you have. This chassis is so stiff it almost makes the sidewinder series along with all the spring steel chassis in the past obsolete! There is no waste with your kit no extra soldering is needed along with no extra strut braces or cross braces will ever be needed. The way the gearbox is set up being so rigid along with the wheelie bars it just goes straight right out of the box.

 What more can i say about an all AMERICAN product made by a great  all American! Now the car complete weight is 125 grams with a hard body on it. She ran 58.55 mph at 10.69. Its a big car with a lot of motor. People were shocked at how well it ran and once the gear set up was done she was consistent. Folks that's the name of the game in bracket racing and this chassis will get it done!

 Thanks for the many nights being on the phone with me and taking the time to explain it all to me with the many questions that i have had before i purchased it. Now i have no more questions and i'm waiting just to get my new chassis in.

     Chris in Charlotte NC
All I can say is WOW!!! Denny this chassis is great!!!!!!!!! I love it and want more of it!!!  
​ I have purchased 30 chassis’s so far from your company and everyone of them have performed flawlessly.

​​ I have motors ranging from super16d’s to the Velociraptor VR eXtreme “NEO motor. I have now set the track record with 2 motors that are in your chassis.​ The one is a shunted ball bearing 6 mag purple dot setup with a custom wound arm. The next is a neo and that’s set up the same as well. The times are consistent with maybe 5 tenths difference every time. When I pull the trigger I never have to worry about your chassis coming apart or popping out of the track.

​​ To this date I have had one disastrous accident!. This was due to someone losing a motor screw and I hit it at around 50 mph with your chassis. It destroyed my car and flew off the track. People said it was finished and don’t run it again. So I went home and put another body on it and ran it the next day at 75.45 mph. The only thing on the chassis that did suffer was the guide flag. That was it.

​​My 2 top cars weigh in at 135 and 140 grams and setting these records here in a hard body With my best time of 75.45.  mph at 7.45 timeThese are not sidewinder set ups either. They are your KR-1 chassis set up People tell me there too heavy or they won’t last. Ya no what I say to them ha! I just blew there doors off and now they hate it!

​​ Then on top of it all there are guys who run lexan bodies which is fine. To me they just don’t look real no matter what paint you have on them. They run the purple dot 6 mag or the neo’s like me. But the difference is I can dial in 10 cars to there one car. You ask why? Well they're constantly playing with they're chassis to get it to stay in the track and to go straight. They will look at my car before I run it and they say “there’s no way with that motor you can run a .050 tube to connect it all together.” I say “please stand by” And they look on with disbelief and shake there heads.

​​ I have over 40 passes on these cars with the neo and the 6 mag and no problems to date with them. If I do go to different tracks the only thing I have to check is my wheelie bar to make sure I have the correct height and that’s it. Then it’s dial in time. I’m done and then I sit and wait for my turn.

Chris in Charlotte NC​​
Hi Dennis
Ive always built my own chassis inline type I built one for a proslot vrx motor and the best time was .871 in the 1/4 mile
 My friend Chris here in Charlotte NC. Gave me one of your chassis the KR-1 and let me tell you you have an outstanding product.

​​ My car went .811 first time out with your KR-1 and the best pass was .806 . I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know your chassis is great

Hi Denny ,

I ran the buick saturday night,the KR-1 chassis, ran .998 to 1.004 20 passes. The 55 gasser, on the L1 chassis with a bone stock parma 502, springs and brushes haven't been changed that weighs 172 grams, ran 1.320 to 1.321 in 30 passes.

​​ The Rolls, on the L-1 chassis, ran 1.290 to 1.295  30 passes. The track owner Robby was very impressed of how consistent the chassis' ran.

​​ I have 2 people that want to build me a chassis, I told them no way that I am leaving the D&L chassis.

​​ In 4 trips to the track we are outrunning people that have been doing it for 30 plus years, even the track owner pulled some lexan cars to try and outrun the Buick.

​​ Thanks for all the late nights explaining the chassis set-up and suggestions. I am looking forward to doing a lot more business with you soon.

Bobby T.​​

Hi Denny,
Please put this on your testimonials page.​

​​I am new to this, and I was told by a friend of mine that a D&L chassis was the only way to go when building a drag car.
So,, I bought one of your L-1 's and built my- FIRST CAR​ -, I am running a '69 Camaro hard body , and  I got a lot of help from 3 good guys deciding what motor, gears and tires to use to be competitive.  

​ Out of my first 3 races  -EVER - I hit SECOND PLACE out of 28 racers in one race, FIRST PLACE out of 34 racers in another race, the 3rd race I broke out in the 4th round, but kept everyone nervous before I broke out.

Everyone at the track thought I was some pro that had been racing for years, and started asking me how I got my car so consistent and was asking me for advise​​.   The 3 guys who helped me with tires and gears couldn't figure out how I beat them so bad.

My car has been running between a 10​25 and 1029 every time.( except when I broke out- the motor is getting faster)

Then I got a call from that friend of mine who suggested to use your chassis, he lives in Texas, I am in Kansas, and he told me that YOUR CHASSIS was the reason why I was kickin' everyones butt​​, he said that he runs 2 of your chassis after another friend told him about them, and that his cars are the MOST CONSISTENT CARS HE OWNS, and that he has won 4 races so far  - DUE TO YOUR CHASSIS. and he told me to go to your website and look at the testimonials.

So, I know ​now that my D&L chassis is what is making my car so consistent, so I wanted to help you out in getting the word out about your chassis and send you my testimonial​.

I have not talked to you personally - YET- but my friend has,  and he said that you are ​​a very honest guy struggling to take care of your family, and that you truly try to help everyone involved in this sport.

So my friend , from me and 3 of my friends, We will spread the word about D&L CHASSIS to anyone and everyone we come in contact with to help you out.

​ We appreciate all of the help you have given - and the awesome chassis that you have designed .



Robert B.
Hey Denny,

I got everyone ​here scratching there heads, trying to figure out how my car is running a 970 to 973 every pass,

​​I have been on the wrong end of a bad joke for a long time here, and  I'm having too much fun smokin' their butts every week and watching them sit and look at me with disbelief - Ha Ha .

I would like to tell every one that I have 12 cars,all on other brand chassis,  and the best one runs between a 1040 and 1054,
​ With this D&L Chassis I have a car that runs a 970 to 973 ,,,FASTER AND MORE CONSISTENT,,,which car would you rather have ??

​​Thanks for a great chassis Denny

Ok, I'm going to make this short and simple.

I have been a Slot Car Drag Racer​​ for over 9 years, in that time me and all the other racers have always Tube framed our cars, then we worked on those cars for hours, sometimes days before getting them to run consistent,,and by consistent I mean within 15 thousands of a second consistent.

Now - D&L Chassis have these chassis that you build in 15-20 minutes, and run consistent within 5 thousands of a second​​ THE FIRST 10 RUNS OR LESS.. I have 5 D&L Chassis cars and my worst one runs within 8 thousands of a second consistent.

So I if you are reading this, you obviously have read all of the other testimonials before me,, there should not be any doubt that the ONLY and  BEST WAY TO GO is with a D&L Chassis​​.- PERIOD.

Tommy W.
​from Kansas​




for your testimonials page.

I am now a D&L Chassis guy,
​ I am an old school racer​​ who used to race back in the 70's with my dad, back before wheelie bars !, I am very impressed with your chassis, I especially like the looks of your designs.

They perform as good as they look.

Great job.
Thank You

Ray T.​​​


Went to Slot Shots tonight and finished second out of 25 racers with the Falcon.
​ I lost on a hole shot .0022 to my .0123, oh well, the D & L Chassis was dead on as usual.




Today I was checking out ur site to see if y'all have any new products and read that ur inline chassis can handle A NEO motor. I don't know when y'all officiated that but A couple years or so back I purchased I sidewinder chassis from y'all and put a pro slot NEO motor in (sidewinder) chassis with lexan 57 pro mod body with pencil hub wheel and was happy with results.
​ All this to say all of D & L chassis can Handle NEO motors.
Hello Denny,

WOW !, I have been racing for 12 years​​ got really good at building them my first year, even built cars for others along the way.
I was told by a friend to try your chassis, was told  I would be impressed and if I wasn't I could get a full refund,,,so nothing to loose...
had it built in 12 mins., car complete in about 35 mins, first 5 runs it ran a consistent 1022 - 1025. 

So what I would like to say to anyone considering buying your chassis is ;

1.  You will be happy with the easiness of the build and how quick to complete.
2.  ​​You will be happy with the bending of the tip of the wheelie bars to adjust them.
3.  You will be happy with the very first run, and every run after it.
4.  If you are a seasoned racer and know your motor,  tires, glue, and are good at the light, then you will be happy how fast you can make that car consistent.
5.  ​ ​​You will be so happy with this chassis that you won't even think about the 100% money back guarantee.

12 years of racing and I currently have 36 cars,  24 consistent within .007 ,  ​​4 consistent within .003, 3 of those are D&L chassis.  - so far I only own 3 D&L chassis .  But more are in the future.

The wheelie wheels really do STAY adjusted with bending the tip to the track.

​​​I thank my friend for sending me to your product, and I thank you for great chassis designs.

​​​Donald . W​​
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